Using my life as a living example, I am taking this leap of faith in the hope that by sharing my story and what I have learned along the way will help other find their own path.  In this way, I hope everyone will see that they too have choices that will enable them to become a survivor! This blog has been created to share moments of my story along with commentary of what I have gained from these experiences. I hope this forum will both help others and determine if there is sufficient interest to publish my story in a book. Accordingly, after each post please share your thoughts, comments, and if you “Like” the post.

The success of this leap of faith is dependent on the response of each person that finds some positive impact as they read this blog. As this is a journey that no one should have to take alone, please take a moment to share the posts on this blog with your friends, family, and anyone you know that has experienced a tragic loss in their life themselves or with anyone that is supporting someone that is dealing with the unthinkable. As I step outside my comfort zone, it is my desire that others too will choose forgiveness over anger, maintain hope through faith, and regain the ability to love and to be loved and they overcome their own tragedies.

Everyone wishing to follow my story can click on “Follow” and add their email. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at survivingdecember1973@gmail.com. God bless!